I computed the latest suggest, practical departure and you may incidence rate off RP and RB a year for every age bracket

RP prevalence is calculated by the dividing how many adolescents that have RP plus the level of teens just who experienced at least one maternity (plus those individuals currently expecting) multiplied by the 100. RB incidence on top of that try determined from the splitting the fresh quantity of teens with RB as well as the number of teenagers whom experienced a minumum of one livebirth increased by the 100. Deformalized questionnaire loads was applied when you’re calculating the fresh prevalence.

We used the ptrendi bundle inside the Stata13 to execute Cochran–Armitage screening to select the prevalence trend per age group having fun with the latest chi-square fact and you can appointment this new presumptions regarding an additive design. Cochran–Armitage decide to try is actually a changed Pearson’s chi-square shot and this assesses this new organization anywhere between digital (i.age. RP and you can RB) and you will ordinal (i.age. seasons and you may many years) categories. Multivariate logistic regression study with communications effects to possess age (i.elizabeth. age groups playing with one another three and five categories) and you may year are presented while using constant pregnancy and you may beginning since digital benefit variables (i.age. sure if any). I mentioned the fresh new development anywhere between a few consecutive questionnaire decades to determine and therefore periods had high changes in frequency. While doing so, we reviewed manner playing with year and you will socio-geographic (we.elizabeth. region, particular home, and you may riches directory) interaction per generation. For the purpose of that it study, we utilized the around three category generation because is actually this new merely categorization which greet a sufficient number of cases.


One of feminine old 15–24 many years that have one or more maternity (n = 7091), a large proportion (53.3%) were located one of many 22–24 season olds. In spite of the brief ratio of adolescents captured of the studies, the new ratio regarding fifteen–18 12 months olds said throughout the questionnaire has increased through the years out-of eight.64% (n = 107) in 1993 in order to % (letter = 213) from inside the 2013 (get a hold of Dining table step one).

Development data each age bracket

Frequency fashion away from teens with constant pregnancy regarding the Philippines from 1993 to help you 2013 of the generation. Caption: So it shape presents the newest adjusted frequency out of regular maternity playing with decades groups with (a) around three and you may (b) five categories. Teams making use of the about three groups become fifteen–18 years old, 19–twenty-one and twenty-two–24 years of age since the five classes together with fifteen–sixteen years old, 17–18 yrs old, kissbrides.com click for more 19–twenty years old, 21–22 years of age and 23–24 years of age, because depicted by for every line to your graphs. The new x-axis is the questionnaire season build into the chronological acquisition once the y-axis this new weighted prevalence

Frequency fashion regarding adolescents that have repeated delivery from the Philippines off 1993 to 2013 of the age bracket. Caption: So it figure presents the newest adjusted prevalence of constant beginning using years organizations with (a) around three and (b) four categories. Teams with the about three categories were 15–18 years of age, 19–twenty one and you will twenty two–24 years old due to the fact four groups as well as 15–sixteen yrs old, 17–18 yrs . old, 19–twenty years dated, 21–twenty-two yrs old and you can 23–24 years of age, as represented by the for each and every range toward graphs. The x-axis ‘s the questionnaire year set up when you look at the chronological order while the y-axis the fresh adjusted prevalence

Equivalent show was found in the regression studies. The fresh new RP trend certainly one of fifteen–18 seasons olds remained nearly undamaged around the all studies off 1993 in order to 2013 [Odds ratio (OR) =0.93; 95% Depend on period (CI) =0.8step one–step one.07]. You will find an equivalent trend out-of RB trend inside many years classification (Or = 0.87; CI = 0.72–step 1.06) adopting the an obvious escalation in frequency out-of 1993 to 1998 (Or = step 3.29; CI = 1.25–8.62). At the same time, new earlier age groups showed a critical refuse for both RP and you may RB with unadjusted ORs between 0.83 to help you 0.87 (find Desk 2). Analyses having fun with four years categories shown no significant difference regarding trends before described. Styles one of 15–sixteen and you will 17–18 yr old teenagers stayed undamaged, while a bringing down trend is actually obvious for these old 19–20, 21–22 and 23–24.

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